Let our space be your space!

The Dharma Portal is available to the holistic and metaphysical community for workshops, healing arts practices (massage, reiki, etc.), yoga instruction, and other appropriate events. The Dharma Portal features:

  • Quiet, wooded residential location with private entrance and easy parking
  • Over 850 square feet of newly renovated space
  •  A comfortable, furnished, and welcoming setting with separate spaces for teaching and group discussion, massage tables, and yoga and meditation
  • Massage tables available.  Sheet and towel service is available for extra charge.
  • New kitchen, with stove, sink, convection oven and basic utensils.
  • Bathroom with shower. Towels and bathrobe available for extra charge.
  • Wi-Fi
  • SmartTV w/ Blue Ray
  • Audio hookup

Rental Rates

Rates to rent the Dharma Portal are reasonable and vary depending on the usage:

  • Workshops and group events. Presenters keep 70% of their gross earnings (not including merchandise) and pay 30% to the Portal. For example, if you host a workshop that grosses $1000, you would pay the Portal $300.  Please contact the Portal to discuss your specific needs.
  • One-on-one healing arts practitioners (massage therapists, reiki practitioners, etc.). Healers keep 80% of their gross earnings (not including related merchandise sales) and pay 20% to the Portal. For example, if you make $150 doing two massage sessions, you would pay the Portal $30.
  • Yoga Instructors: Yoga instructors keep 75% of their gross earnings and pay 25% to the Portal. The yoga room at the Portal can accomodate 18 people.

Merchandising Policy

All presenters and practitioners are permitted to sell related merchandise (books, CDs, DVDs, healing tools, health care products, etc.) at their events and sessions, and keep 100% of the proceeds.
PLEASE NOTE:  Multi-level marketing (MLM) presentations/recruiting events are not welcome at the Dharma Portal. And, while we allow practitioners to sell MLM products related to their work, we respectfully ask that they do not recruit MLM participants while working at the Portal.

Rental Policy

The Dharma Portal reserves the right to deny service to any person, group, or event that we consider inappropriate or incompatible with our purpose or community.